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What to do in a "use of force" situation Texas Concealed Handgun Law 2007-2008

Who is Concealed Carry Legal Services?

CCLS is a contract legal services company that is licensed by the State of Texas and has met the regulatory and financial requirements of the State of Texas to provide this service.

Is there a deductible on the policy offered by Conceal Carry Legal Services?

No, there are no additional legal expenses to you.

Does my coverage continue after the grand jury?

Yes. YOUR COVERAGE CONTINUES BEYOND YOUR GRAND JURY APPEARANCE. Your legal expenses up through and including any criminal and/or civil trials that result from your self defense/use of force situation are covered by the CCLS policy. Please refer to the ‘Coverage Process’ link found on the homepage, which explains the normal timeline of events.

Will my name or information ever be sold to another company or third party by CCLS?

No. We believe in protecting the absolute privacy of our members.

If I am involved in a self defense incident, who do I call?

You call our toll free legal services hotline at 1-800-481-1197 and you will be put in touch with a criminal defense attorney affiliated with CCLS Coverage Plan. Each member of CCLS will be provided with a wallet ID card with their membership number and a toll free number that is answered 24/7.

My concealed handgun license has expired, and my renewal application is in process. Can I carry a concealed handgun while I am waiting to receive my new license?

No. You must have a currently valid license in your possession to carry a concealed handgun.



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